Who’s Who?


I have a strong passion for cooking, coming from a family of foodies.  I started cooking at twelve, preparing my first family meal.  I studied French Gastronomic at college from the age of 15, in the North East of France.  I enjoy working with Fish and Butchering my own meat, in fact I love everything about cooking.

A recipe doesn’t have a soul, a Chef needs to give this.

Fabrice Felix – Chef

Catering wasn’t my first career choice but after working part-time in a restaurant at fifteen, I fell in love with food.  After 18 years as a classically trained chef, every single dish I prepare, fills me the same enthusiasm and excitement as it did in the beginning.

Eating in our restaurant should be an experience.  Every dish should be a work of art to the Eyes and Pallette.

Dan Morgan – Chef